Monday, 9 May 2016

Vertical Blinds - A Cornerstone of Your Interiors

When it comes to windows, vertical blinds may be of great help. They provide solutions to problems that we usually could not resolve so easily. They control the level of sunlight that gets into our rooms, while they provide privacy in our homes. Verticals are very useful, but they sometimes can pose problems. For instance, maybe you do not want to spoil a view, or you have an old window that you would like to show off. The verticals seem to solve the light problem, but create new ones. How do you get around these problems while still controlling the light with the verticals? Let’s find out:

How Not to Spoil a View

Sometimes we have panoramic views that we really don’t want to spoil. Maybe your home backs onto a beautiful garden or a forest. Perhaps you have a magnificent view to the ocean. You are worried that the blinds will take away that amazing view. A good solution to this problem is to buy blinds that stack way on the windows’ sides. Try and get blinds that have a small stacking space. The larger the stacking space, the more view you lose. Fabric verticals are an excellent choice. You can buy vertical blinds online. They are thin and will not stack big on the sides. Therefore, they will not form an unappealing column on the sides of the window. They will look lovely on the windows and almost invisible when they are drawn to the sides. It is best to go with fabric as they also make substantially less noise when moved by the wind or by the air conditioner.

Vertical Blinds for Arched Windows

Arched windows are indeed very appealing and an interesting factor in a home. Often these arched windows are there to provide more lighting and beauty to a room. However, you may need to cover them at times. When it comes to fitting a vertical blind, these weirdly shaped windows can be a real nightmare. If you find yourself in this situation, buy custom blinds to fit the size you need. It is advisable that you buy fabric verticals. You can shape these more easily.

Go for Fabric in Rooms that Offer Breeze

Perhaps you have a room with a strong breeze from open windows, foot traffic, or even air conditioner. In this situation, metal and plastic verticals would only make the problem worse as they tend to make noise when moving. It is best to go for fabric verticals, as they are quiet.

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